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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited


by James Thelen 07 Mar 2022 0 Comments
I was a lineman/repairman for 20 years, got hurt in 2017 tore acl,mcl and meniscus.on work comp till mid 2019 I was told I could not climb poles anymore which hit hard bc I am 2nd generation, fought work comp went months no pay, bought lost house, then finally settled took early buy out so career was over.what was there to do then but drink drink, then it became earlier and earlier to start drnking next thing you know its 8am I am drinking beer in shower, sick everyday before I had a beer shakes cramped stomach till I opened that time I was drinking 30pk then had wife go get a 18pk so I was drinking 30-40 a day.the in 2020 July 15th wife took me to hospital and that's when the bad news came they said had cirrhosis and was jaundice they gave me a 35 % chance not making past the new year so,42 and need liver...that day July 15th quit cold turkey nobody thout is was possible bc I drank 30-40 for almost 4 meeting no shakes no sickness not a single withdraw nobody even the dr's could not believe here I am 2022 and liver dr said I am doing really good other thing is friends and family thout I would relapse bc of day to day life issues, have not had a drink sip or nothing I need up losing 135lbs 4-5xl shirt now xl 44 waist 34 now I feel amazing.if it was not for wife bc I refused to go to hospital dr said if she did not take me she did that I needed 6 people to carry casket people say oh I can quit anytime I am in control...I was not but now I am
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