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Travis B.

by James Thelen 08 Jul 2024 0 Comments
I am a 71 (in a few days) semi driver now retired for 16 years, I remarried in 2006 to an amazing woman, a practicing Attorney in the city where I live, after retiring I helped how ever I could for her practice basically a lot of running around, around 2015 she had to close her practice, we then found ourselves caring for a grandchild for four years when things changed after some doctor visits and testing my wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer and Dementia, that placed me in the position of being a care giver in which beating the Cancer in a few short month it was high gear for me as the dementia settled in deeper deeper month by month at around 54 years of age I was the sole 24/7/365 caregiver for four long years, towards the end I was completely exhausted and sleep deprived and was at the point literally begging myself to keep going I was told by her children that there would be help that never happened I was accentually a recuse never leaving home those 4 years plus a year and a half due to Covid, I finally had to wave the white flag I could no longer go on and had to place her in memory care. after the I never left home only to makes trips to the Bank and Grocery store that was it never watching TV or even listening to the radio, Facebook was my go to place as well as YouTube that left me seeing lots of ads along the way always stopping to look at the "Demons Behind Me" Ads, I was really liking the products they offered but always moved along thinking these items are certainly for First responders or Bikers.... I was neither I felt it was not ok to wear something the was meant for somebody I'm not. One day I finally stopped and read everything on their page that said OK this is too for you so I just had to have a flannel and when I received it I was not denied any kind of greatness I put it on and was amazed at the quality and feel of this shirt..... I know its strange but I I felt an attachment to people who were going through hard times as well, it made me feel good to wear this shirt and be a part of something REAL! It was that good that I had to have another, this one was even better as with the shirt was a hand signed thank you on my receipt, Ive never seen anything like that before (talk about care, this people really care) Have a banner in my kitchen that says "you can't reach whats in front of you until you let go of whats behind you! I have never gone through Therapy till now I just had my second session and it is totally working for me! Please if you end up reading this or so many others who have posted do look at anything here and buy yourself something that has a true meaning and helps those who really need it these day, Be well and thank you Demons Behind Me!


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