Chuck S.

My anxiety and depression started on a day in February of 2020. I was a Captain with a fire department in SC. We had a medical assist call to help with lifting a patient. A routine call, on would have thought. However when we got there the patient was well over 600 pounds and in the process of moving patient to EMS stretcher I blew out my shoulder and elbow. With a hospital trip and two years of surgeries for torn rotator cuff, detached bicep muscle, labrum and two torn tendons in my elbow I was told I would never be a firefighter again. After 40 years in the fire service that was not the way I wanted to leave it. To be told you were no longer needed and was walked out of the station and never got a thanks for your service or anything. So for three years dealing with the anxiety and depression I finally picked myself up dusted myself off and trying a new career path of working for my states DOT driving heavy equipment. Best thing that has happened to me is having a wife and kids that supported my through it all and picked me up on the other side and pushed me to believe that there was something else I could be good at.

Thanks guys for everything you do and all the amazing merchandise. This is why I chose the first responder shirt. I have now PUT MY DEMONS BEHIND ME.

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