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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Cory H.

by James Thelen 13 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Cory H. 38 years old.

My story began being bullied in school because of my weight, not only from the kids but even some adults I looked up to, and being rejected by the memebers of the opposite sex i was attracted to. This led me to get involved with a narsassistic cheater for 7 years. When she finally got what she wanted and left me for one of the affairs, i was heart broken and emotionally damaged. I had a great support system in my older brother. But just as we were starting to bond and I was getting back to my relationships with my family, my primary support(brother) passed away. The depression from all of the rejection and then the extreme lonliness led me to developing a drinking habit, which of course made the depression worse. I started to become the version of my self I dispised, I was using people, and trying to force toxic relationships to work and made my depression even worse. I started down the road of self harm, suicidal thoughts and tendancies. The only thing that stayed consistent and helped with the lonliness was my dog that I adopted and I started making better friend choices. I finally decided I needed to get myself right, before I could do anything else. I still bare some scars from those dark times. But those only serve as a reason I dont want to go back where I came from. I have started focusing on the positive and the light in my life. Becacuse I realized during those darkest times God was probably closest to me but because I was mad at him for putting me through all of that, I pushed him away and those demons were able to play. But as I have started down this path to restart my relationship with him,I have noticed the challenges set before me have been the same as in the past but how I react to them is different, I no long run and hide from what comes up. I face it and charges towards them with faith and conviction I will over come. When the sadness of loss happens I no long dwell in the sorrow because i have relized life has become increasingly shorter and the time for sorrow should match those memories of the good times are what gets me through. I have learned to appreciate the people and experiences of my life because it has shown me that I am stronger than even I believe and my endurance to survive everything life has thrown at me I will survive and that I am truly blessed more than I deserve. I am running my race of life with courage and endurance now and when those challenges are set before me I will, BY THE POWER OF GOD IN ME AND THROUGH ME, I WILL SLAY THOSE DEMONS THAT WERE WHISPERING IN MY EARS THAT I WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH OR THAT I WILL NEVER SUCCEED AND GAVE ME THAT SELF DEFEATING SELF TALK, AND THEY WILL BE SLAYED AND LEFT BEHIND ME ON MY PATH, TO MY GOD GIVEN PURPOSE, AND NOTHING AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME OR HOLD ME BACK......

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