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Curtis B.

by James Thelen 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Where to start? I started drink at a younger age than legal of course to fit in with the older crowd. It escalated over the years as I was chasing the dragon so to speak. The light stuff wouldn't hit the spot so I turned to the harder stuff to get the same feeling. Before I knew it I was full blown alcoholic needing a drink 1st thing in the morning just to steady my nerves. Then had to keep on to prevent the shakes from happening. I would look in the mirror and couldn't stand who was looking back at me. With tears streaming down my face I'd pour out a bottle wanting to give it up. But the demon had his grip tight and would always pull me back. After having hallucinations on more than a few occasions I was approached by my wife and professors looking to help me. I finally admitted to myself that I was fixing to die from this drink or I was gonna get help and that's when I entered rehab facility. I did my time and found myself. It's been 6 years and counting without the thought of ever having a drop touch my lips. I now have a full on thriving career, house of my own, same loving wife, and 4 beautiful kids. It can always change for the better if you let it. Thanks for letting me share


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