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Eric B.

by James Thelen 08 Feb 2023 0 Comments

I was a heavy drinker. In March my coworkers came to me and met up with me and told me I needed to go to rehab. I went to rehab the next day and spent 33 days in those walls. First time ever doing anything like that, and so scared. After rehab I hooked up with a girl I met there, left my wife, and got arrested for my 1st OUI that night. I relapsed and strugged the next month before my Last, and hopefully final OUI. This time i was indeed over the legal limit, and got arrested. At that point was my rock bottom. Two OUI's AFTER REHAB, a month and a few days apart. Since that day i have been sober, going over 100 days last week. When those blue lights came on, I went numb. I realized that I hadn't truly accepted that i had a problem, only "said it". That night I will never forget, it was my first night in a jail cell. I did not make it to general population, but I contemplated not posting bail to learn my lesson. But I am worth it, and decided against it. The girl I had met a rehab at the time got arrested that night coming to bail me out. Her boss came over from the next state, bailed us out, and dropped me off at the corner. I walked 2 miles to where my coworker met me to pick me up. That walk was eye opening as well. I thought about the mistakes that i had been making, and how dumb I was to think that what I was doing was okay. Not only for my health, but DRIVING is dangerous for the public. I didn't want to be the one to harm, or even kill someone. Everyday is a struggle with the battle of addiction/alcoholism. I don't have my license, but luckily was able to keep my job, even though I should have lost it. I have learned that we can overcome alot in life. My Ex wife cheated on me which was a big part of my alcoholism. In the beginning of September I spent a week in a house for first responders of all types for trauma. I learned so much about myself that week, and now enjoy the little things more in life. I keep a positive attitude, and don't mind sharing my full story at any time. I just want to perhaps make a difference in one person's life.

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