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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Keith R.

by James Thelen 08 Feb 2023 0 Comments

I had the perfect life. I had the best job I'd ever had. One day a coworker told me he had good cocaine for sale. I thought "Cool, I could use a treat." That decision started a 3 year downward spiral. This past January my wife took my 9 yr old and 3 yr old and filed for divorce. House sold in July. The house I said I'd never leave has someone else living in now. I have to have supervised visitation with my children who have always ment the world to me. I am 4 months sober and greatful that I came across DBM. It has given me that spark I had before I made that fateful decision that day. Be strong my friends. As I will. Thank you

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