Garrett H.

As a child I always founding hard to fit in witch led me to drugs and alcohol at a young age.. it started small with smoking and drinking and later led to prescription pills like OxyContin and Xanax and didn’t take long to start running my life.. I spent every hour of my life obsessed over getting high. Later my disease progressed into shooting heroine and drinking any hard alcohol I could get my hands on.. my addiction has caused many countless injuries far to many to explain.. I’ve literally drank myself to near death being hospitalized 6 times with pancreatitis having doctors tell me at the age of 30 you are going to die in the matter of 5 years if you continue to drink and the insanity of my illness when discharge only to look for the closest liquor store I could find. March 1/2021 I decided to surrender and go to treatment 30 days later my wife of 12 years decided she wanted to be with someone else crushing me in early recovery. A few months later I’d met someone else and started to feel happy again. 3 months into my sobriety I decided I wanted to go camping with my new girlfriend and took her and my dirtbike to a local track not but an hour in I would feel the most physical pain I’d ever feel in my entire life.. I shattered both legs and destroyed both my ankles..And felt doomed to relapse. But by finding a higher power going to meetings getting a sponsor and doing the work I’ve just celebrated my first year clean.. today I couldn’t feel more happy and free.. if I can do it anyone can..


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