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Horace S.

by James Thelen 25 Jan 2023 0 Comments
I would like to start of with a moment of silence for those sstill suffering and those that didn't make it back. I don't usually tell my story of active addiction. We all know what that's like. I definately earned my seat in my program. I will say that i was the addict/alcoholic that lost everything, even my life. Something beyond modern day science and medical advances is the reason i am alive today. Doctors still don't know why or how. I remember always wanting a way out and not finding one. I started going to A.A.. For once in my life i got honest,not with only other people ,but with me. I became open minded and willing to do whatever i had to do to stay sober. I moved away fom the state i lived in and found a strong community of sober people who have become my family. I quickly learned that once i stopped living in the problem and started living in the solution it will work out. Since i started to follow this dream of being sober that i really wanted, but didn't know how to get, i got a sponsor,worked the steps,found a higher power and i'm constantly doing some sort of service work. I will say that just taking the drugs/alcohol and sex out of the picture i was still an untreated asshole addict( just clean). It wasn't until i started putting in the work that all the promises they talk about do come true. If anyone needs another alcoholic or addict to talk to my phone is always on. I take great pride in giving away what was so freely given to me. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT !!!
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