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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Jon V.

by James Thelen 17 Dec 2021 0 Comments

My story is bit of a long one so I will try to condense. My life started out pretty rough My stepmother abused me in every way you can think of after I left that situation I got into drugs really bad meth, coke, pills, etc...

Whatever it took to numb the pain and the thoughts of my childhood this went on for years until I was able to talk about the abuse I was dealt by my stepmother. When I say abused we are talking sexual, physical, and mental abuse , she actually tried to kill me three times as a kid . After I got away from them I eventually was able to open up to people about what I had gone through. When I was 24 I met the future mother of my three kids and that drug fueled relationship was doomed from the start as I never learned how to have a healthy relationship as my dad and stepmother were always drinking and fighting . My pop was very hands on with his children but no where near as bad a the evil one. Never having learned any healthy lifestyle living I of course got into crime selling drugs., robbing people really I was a giant piece of shit for the first half of my life.

After a friend of mine was shot in the face I realized I needed to clean myself up . Long story short I have been clean for the past 17 years had full custody of my kids ( they are all adults now) manage a tire shop in the town I live in and am a upstanding member of my community . If course I couldn't have done any of this without God on my side I have had many lessons from the big guy including falling 90 feet of a cliff (walked away with a scratch on my arm) getting hit by a car (that one did some damage lol) and many other close calls that I couldn't have survived without some divine intervention ! My message is this you can overcome anything! life has only so many pressures as you create for it. Many outside influences will seek to destroy you or keep you down pick yourself up and fight for yourself . Every day is a good day , I don't just say this either I truly believe this. And just a little current backstory I found out I had bladder cancer Feb of this year I eventually had to have my bladder removed and have to pee in a bag for the rest of my life . Plus I'm currently in the hospital as my cancer has come back , and yes everyday is still a good day . , something as simple as telling someone good morning can have amazing results as that kindness will spread like ripples in a lake spreading far and wide. Make your ripples profound

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