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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Kenneth B.

by James Thelen 09 Nov 2023 0 Comments

I battled addiction most of my teenage and adult years. In highschool I hung out with the "cool" kids and got into all kinds of drugs. Pretty much I'd try anything you put in front of me. I was a binge drinker for years and had a pretty solid cocaine addiction for a few years as well. I always went to work and lived a pretty normal life to those on the outside but there were always demons inside calling me back. It took years of struggling and battling to get away from that life and live the one I knew I deserved. I'd have never been able to get clean if it wasn't for my wife and children. They gave me hope and a reason that I'd never had before. I'd always felt alone and now I knew I'd never feel that way again if I just did what I needed to do to get clean. It's possible for anyone to change their life for the better. There will always be people against you but there will always be MORE people rooting for you. Always remember you're not alone in the fight.

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