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Louis S.

by James Thelen 09 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Where do I start. I’m a only child and was raised with love by two caring parents, although I did suffer some emotional and physical abuse as a child because my mothers alcoholism had a hold on her. I survived a severe car accident at 18 and a trip to the trauma center in a helicopter. At 31 I survived a horrific motorcycle accident that would have killed most people, and again made a trip to the trauma center in a helicopter. I lost my father in 2018 and despite my best efforts up until that point my opiate addiction spiraled out of control. Through physical therapy after my second accident and the grace of God I was able to walk and drive again. By the grace of God and support of the family I have left and a few friends I kicked addiction in 2019. Although I’ve had some battles with demons catching up and taking a piece of me the few times I’ve relapsed, every time they do and I realize that piece is missing it puts them further behind me. I wouldn’t trade my pain or life for anyone else’s, as every day above ground no matter how challenging is a blessing. Thank you for creating this brand to remind us we can and have put our demons behind us.

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