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Rose V.

by James Thelen 09 Feb 2023 0 Comments

I recently purchased one of your flannel shirts for my boyfriend, Mark. Your company and its mission resonates with me because of the challenges he has faced and overcome this past summer. In May/June, he was diagnosed with sudden-onset unexpected heart failure. With him in his early 50's and no known cause for this, it was a shock to him and to those who love him. He was in and out of the hospital over the summer and doctors brought up the idea that he may need a heart transplant "down the road", if things don't improve. Things did not improve and at the end of August, we went downhill, was hooked up to a heart pump and put on the heart transplant list. Amazingly, a heart was found for him after just over a week! He had a successful surgery and now has a new heart. Such changes! From being kept alive on a heart pump to having a 2nd chance at a new life! Mark stayed hopeful throughout his ordeal, as he faced his "demons" - even thinking to have flowers delivered, from his hospital bed, to his amazing medical team! That's Mark! A kind, thoughtful, hard-working person who keeps going and doesn't stay down, despite life's best efforts to keep him down. He continues to heal, undergo therapy, and adjust to his new heart but has definitely put his demons behind him. I lost my husband to brain cancer 3 years ago and Mark came into my life shortly after, helping me - and my son - to heal and learn to move forward; I am grateful I am able to be there for him and to help him heal and move forward.

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