Marc N.

I'm Marc I'm 36 and I spent the last 2 decades addicted to opiates and meth bc of past traumas I really don't wanna discuss atm and now I've got 8 months clean bc I decided I was done living that life as well as looking and feeling like a scumbag. I always told people I'd get clean when it was my terms no one else's and I continue to prove that everyday I wake up and choose to stay sober. My terms of getting sober meant I wasn't gonna be forced into rehab or counseling or meetings and I've held absolutely true to that the entire last eight months. When I seen the demons behind me add on Facebook it definitely hit close to home when I heard of the meaning for the phrase bc In addiction I did things that hurt the people I loved the most and I lost my entire family to the drugs and well in order for me to gain my family and their trust back I had to be able to do just that and put the demons I had been fighting for the 20+ years behind me and leave that version of me in the past as just a memory for me to not give up on myself ever again.

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