Robert T.

Hello. I worked construction for twenty years. And it took its toll on my back. New years eve of 2021. I was in my garage polishing some chrome on my bike and my legs gave out and i couldn't use them. I couldn't get up only drag myself to my phone. After calling a ambulance and five days in the hospital i found out that I had a syst on my spine that was blocking the fluid from reaching my lower back and I had to have five disc replaced one of them had completely broke in half. The surgery went well. But I had to have state insurance that didn't cover any kind of physical therapy. So after being released from the hospital my wife decided that i was worthless and wasn't any good to anyone anymore. Being that I could only walk with a walker I sold everything that I could and had to leave almost everything else behind. I done my own physical therapy and within six months I was working again and had to walk to work until I could get a car and I ended up getting another bike wich they said i would never be able to ride a bike again. So when you think you have it bad you just have to keep on fighting I did it all on my own and it has made me a better person. If you have the will and the courage you CAN make it. Thank you for your time.

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