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Michael S.

by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

My story is long but I will give the short version. I joined the Marine Corps at 17 right out of highschool. Went to Iraq and Afghanistan both twice. Was in what I thought was a safe ish job, then in Afghanistan the first time we wound up getting mortared almost daily and one day one hit so close to us we could feel the concussion and if we hadn’t turned around to go the other way when we did we very well could have been hit with shrapnel. After my contract was up and I got out I struggled to find myself. I didn’t realize how much everything affected me. I was angry, depressed and always on edge. I even tried to be a cop thinking it would give me back some of what I lost. That didn’t work out after a year or so in it. Fast forward to 2018 I was so low after my Dad got sick and was what felt like I was alone and in my darkest place I had a plan to end it all. God had other plans and sent me a message through a friend that I hadn’t spoke to for many years. She reached out just to reconnect as she was going through a very messy divorce. God sent her to save me and bring me back to him. We have now been married for 4 years and I have 2 amazing (step) children who I wouldn’t trade for all the world. My message to everyone is that no matter how low you are God has a plan for you and your pain. Am I saying I don’t struggle daily with thoughts and “demons” no but knowing God has a plan, I can say every single day “Demons Behind Me” because I am looking forward.

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