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by James Thelen 12 Oct 2021 0 Comments
25 years ago I was a shy overweight high schooler with no friends. I took to drinking to be social and excepted even if it meant acting a fool and forking out lunch money my parents gave me for booze. Buy the time graduate I developed panic disorder and bi polar depression. I decided to get sober and start lifting weights to better my health and it worked, I lost 100 pounds but by 21 I was able to go to bars and I feel right back into my old habits and it escalated into a car wreck at 25 that almost ended my life but that near death experience didn’t slow my addiction to alcohol a single bit cause I got 2 more duii’s wrecked several vehicles and the loss of my license for 5 years. Now at 40 years old and my body telling me it’s time to get help , I moved away from family and if you can call them friends cause all we did was drink to better myself. I’ve gotten my self in to AA so I have a good support surrounding me. I also have beside me a loving amazing fiancé who is my rock. I know this road to recovery is hard work cause I did it a few times but relapsed and pray I stay the course.
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