Stephen H.

I grew up in a decent family but always battled the good vs bad my entire life. I grew up watching my family go through drug addiction that later in life I followed started about the age of 13 years old. From then till I was 30 years old I battled my own addictions ranging from herbs and alcohol towards the late teenage years I started off bad on cocaine and pills. Ending up with me doing heroine and meth. There was much that I haven't done. I ended up in jails prisons rehabs homeless living only a bridge. Committing felonies just to get off the streets in winter. I ran with the most dirty rough degenerates there was doing what ever I could to get my fix. I robbed stole hurt my family and broke their hearts and didn't give a shit. I ended up in rehab the last time a year after prison and wanted to change then I relapsed and then watched my pops die with 4 days clean and made him a promise as he died that he won't have to worry about me anymore. I take care of my moms and help her out with her house and have 5 years clean. I still deal with my demons however I learned to walk beside them and learned how to use them to make a positive impact on this life.

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