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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Thomas T.

by James Thelen 30 Jan 2023 0 Comments
My son grew up an over the top smart kid , like super smart . And somewhere around the 10th grade he started to party , and get in trouble, then he had a little girl when he was 17 . I didn’t know the extent of his partieng until he overdosed his first time. Several times this happened, and each time the emts where able to give him narcain to bring him out of it. Until Nov 11 2013 when my son overdosed and no one was there , when someone finally did get there he was not in good shape , when I got to the hospital the dr said he was not responding to the narcain and the we’re moving him to icu. He was brain dead and toxins were leaking in his body and shutting down . I had a tuff choice and we took him off of life support at 11:35 pm I held him until he took his last breath at 12:10 am on November 13 2013. I live with this pain every day of my life he would turn 36 this year on December 20 . I fight against those demon’s everyday.
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