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by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Hey guys, I am a 2 time World trade center survivor, I worked at the World Trade Center for 18yrs, I was there for the first bombing and lost 3 coworkers that day, my car was blown up. I received 2 awards for rescuing people. from at that time Governor Cuomo.

Then 911 I was on the 43rd floor having breakfast when the plane hit above us, we were very lucky to get out before the tower started to come down. I lost a lot of friends and coworkers and saw things that nobody should ever see. It was like a war zone.

On top of all that I was addicted to cocaine for 29yrs and through NA I have 22yrs clean.

I have 3 beautiful kids and an awesome wife today and love my life.

Demons are behind me for sure but I never put my guard down because they’re always there!

Your products are awesome but the meaning is everything. Thank you guys for the meaning and an awesome product!!

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