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James C.

by James Thelen 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Im somewhere between damaged goods and out to find the better part of me. And somedays I dont know which way I am leaning more too. I feel empty everyday and still get up, put one foot infront of the other and go to work. I suffered a life changing event when my GF of over 6 years passed away due to alcoholism. In an instant life changed. Its been almost 10 months and even still today its a step or two forward then one back. Im better, but not better. Am I living or just surviving? Anyone with a similar experience knows that this is something we live with, like a scar or shadow that follows. This is about living a day at a time and accepting what cannot be undone or changed and not giving up and still wanting to move ahead and forward. Its not letting it beat us. We cannot change the past, the story is as written, but we are responsible for the contents of the next chapter of our lives. Demons behind me is about accepting what is and still wanting to move forward, even though its easier just to say- fuck it.

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