Chuck H.

My name is Chuck and I am an alcoholic in recovery. I fostered a lifestyle of drinking alcohol over a 37 year period. The last 5 years spent in addiction were brutal to my health and well being. I was a prime candidate for a heart attack or stroke at the ripe old age of 53! I was raised in a loving & supportive family environment. I am the oldest of 4 children and carried the torch after my parents both passed. I've been married & divorced twice and have 3 wonderful children. Needless to say that alcohol has always been present in my adult life. In Oct. of 2022 I hit rock bottom and could no longer function normally in daily life. I made a call for help and admitted myself into detox and in-patient rehab at Recovery Centers of America in Westminister, MA. After discharge from the program I have become an active member of AA and attend daily meetings on Zoom & in-person. I currently have over 5 months of sobriety and look forward to my next chapter of life without alcohol. Through the 12 step program I will continue to rebuild the best version of myself possible. Thank You for sharing my story! Chuck R. Helin Jr.

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