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Kevin J.

by James Thelen 25 Apr 2023 0 Comments

I suffered with addiction to drugs and alcohol from the age of 14. It started with alcohol in high school and progressed to illegal street drugs as a young adult. I went to a couple different treatment programs but nothing seemed to help. I eventually resorted to selling drugs to support my addiction and was soon indicted and convicted of federal drug charges.


I was sentenced to 63 months in the federal prison system. While in prison, I was able to participate in a substance abuse program that really helped me to put my demons behind me.


I have now been sober for more than 22 years. Since achieving sobriety, I have earned a college degree and have been employed as an addiction counselor for 15 years. My wife and I own a fast food restaurant and I was just recently voted mayor of my home town.


When I found Demons Behind Me, I knew I needed to get involved. I love telling my story and helping others to overcome the stigma of addiction. I will wear my Demons Behind Me clothing with pride and tell my story every time someone asks about it.

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