Michael M.

My story . Where do I begin from the longest time I always felt a sense of abandoning. My father left when I was young. I turned to drugs and alcohol to block the feelings. I was very angry for along time. I have tried to comment suicide a number of times when I was younger. I continued on my path got married had kids thought I was happy but there was still always something wrong. Years later when I was going through a divorce I was sitting in my room with a gun to my head ready to end it and my son walked in. He saved my live. After my divorce I was in a relationship and it ended badly. Finally I went a talked with someone they put me on medication which probably I should have done 20+ years ago. Today I’m doing the best I can one day at a time and sometimes on second at a time. I know life isn’t always going to be grad but I wake up grateful I’m still alive.

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