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Gentry H.

by James Thelen 09 Nov 2023 0 Comments

I have been going through a tough custody battle with a bad person. I had a drinking problem when I was younger, but when my son was going to be born, I told my wife that I would stop, cold turkey, and I did. I would never let him or any of my other kids see me stumbling around drunk. Ever. Life went on, and we lost a baby after having another child, and it broke my marriage. She chose to seek attention elsewhere when I retreated into myself trying not to think very dark thoughts. I kept coming back, and she kept cheating. I wanted to be in the lives of my children so much that I chose abject misery to being without them. And then one day, I had just had enough. Told her to get out. Pack up and leave. She did. We divorced about a year later, and a month after that, she was married again to yet another guy she had been cheating on me with. Right before she got married, she came back, begging to come home and be a family again. I told her that this particular ship had certainly sailed. Right after that, she started withholding my children, and I have been locked into a 2 year long custody battle with her since. These have been the worst two years of my life, and my thoughts traveled to some pretty dark depths during this time, but I kept telling myself to just put one foot in front of the other and keep it pushing. I got a great new job, I'm dating a beautiful, smart, funny woman now that my kids love, and I won in court. I saw your gear and liked it right away, and then I saw the ";" gear you guys have, and knowing what that means, I knew right away I had to support you guys. I have put all of my demons behind me. The drinking, the suicidal ideation, the anger I felt for a woman who said she promised to love me until she died, and my life got incredibly better. I need you guys to push that message out to others that need to hear it, you have a larger reach than I do. I do what I can within my community, but I never feel like it's enough. I know how sad and dark that place is, and it breaks my heart to think about anyone being there ever.


Thanks for being a stand up company, putting your message out there. I appreciate you, and I am certain many others do as well.

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