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Ron R.

by James Thelen 09 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Dig your brand. My wife Introduced me to your brand and story. Dig, inspired. Working towards sobriety myself one day. My wife and friends were at cooks corner when the shooting happened. We were out side starting to eat when the shooting started . We all got up and ran to the for back of the property. Half way there I noticed my boy Glenn wasn’t behind me. Went back to see if he tripped and fell. I was 150’ from the building , didn’t see him by our table. Out the corner of my eye I see him running up the handicap ramp towards the upper parking lot crouching down behind a F150 that was parked parallel to the handicap ramp and noticed him running up there and thought what the fuck was he doing over there and didn’t realize that the shooter doggy ran up to the parking lot to reload his weapons from his truck parked up there. I start to hear gunshots again never saw my boy come back down called 911 deputy started arriving and all of a sudden a flurry of gunfire started again then dozens more Deputy showed up and there was five or six flurries of gunfire to the upper parking lot with the shooter and all the deputies, my boy was shot in the chest and killed when he tried to confront  the shooter he was one of the three that was killed. I don’t feel like I was really affected by all the gunfire and the shooting my friends and my wife are all safe and sound. We are blessed the shooting didn’t really affect me at all happened so fast nursery wasn’t scared. I just didn’t wanna get shot, but we all survived except for my boy Glenn. He was a solid dude, trained fighter, bouncer, and business owner. He was the only one that ran towards it and fire. His family has a go fund me his 19 year old son is handling everything like a young man needs to with his with his mom and Glenn‘s first wife, he loved his son anyways love your story she was a big deal for us but good thing is is if y’all survive very blessed you guys have a good day she’ll be buying more stuff soon.

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