Ryan T.

I'm a survivor on two fronts. One is recovery from a 20+ year tear on meth. Completely destroyed everything over and over. God willing on Sepptember 4th, I'll have 4 years clean thank to NA. I became physically sick with advanced HIV disease 8 years ago. Being sick led me back out, and at the end, I saw no value to my life or my contribution to it. I decided a helium tank connected tyo my CPAP would be painless, because I live in tremendous pain daily. I also have severe PTSD which I have night terrors almost nightly, in spite of medication. Those demons are very real. I was caught and it saved me. I am still very ill, actually I'm currently battling an opportunistic AIDS infection that's eating my brain. I just had a 7 hour surgery to try and clear it. 2 weeks after surgery, it's back. I'm stronger now than before, and regardless of what comes, I'll fight.

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