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Demons Behind Me Safe House | Personal Stories - Raw & Unedited

Samuel S.

by James Thelen 13 Feb 2023 0 Comments

I love your line of appeal. I wear it cause my demons ARE behind me.

My story goes as follows. On the Saturday after thanksgiving of 2019 my wife of 20 years told me that she filed for divorce. The next day I found out I had to have open heart surgery to fix a birth defect. I was alone and hurt in many ways. My ex was very selfish with the way she did things. I asked her to hold off on the divorce so I could focus on my recovery. She told me no. So after my surgery I had to live in the same house as her. I was sleeping on a recliner cause it was more comfortable. I would sit there alone and watch her walk out of the house late at night and she would not return for hours. I spent 6 months there with her with no support staff. I had my ex up on a pedestal. She was my everything. I was sent a picture of her profile that was on a swingers website and it said she was on there before as a couple. We never had a profile on there. I came to realize that she was cheating on me for almost a year but was waiting to have surgery so that the insurance I was providing would cover it. I spent a little over a year trying to deal with the demons she sent my way. But when I found your website I was in love. My story is not over but I know for sure that my demons are behind me.

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