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"When you blame and criticize others..."

by James Thelen 23 Oct 2019 0 Comments
Look, sometimes people can really screw you over and they are to blame. Things as simple as a traffic accident. However, there is also a thing known as a victim’s mentality and that’s a whole different story. For a victim, everything is someone else’s fault and nothing is under their control. Every obstacle is a problem instead of an opportunity. Questions arise like ...Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Is everybody out to get me? Why can’t I do anything right? However, every time we have these thoughts...we have a choice to change those thoughts to:
Maybe, I was just no prepared for the situation this time.
I was just lacking somewhere.
I will be better prepared next time because of this.
Now I know what not to do.
A lesson lived is a lesson learned.

Many of us choose the victim mentality because that’s easier than taking responsibility for our lives. We choose to reject the cards we’ve been dealt with because we feel that we didn’t choose them or deserve them. However, running away won’t get rid of those cards. We’re quick to assume things, to create this image about others, thinking their life is perfect when that’s far from the truth! We all have things we wish we could change, but like it or not, much is beyond our control. We don’t have control over where we are born, who we are born to, if we are born with a disability or if we are born into a poor family. We also don’t have control over the stock market, natural disasters, the decisions our parents make for us when we are kids, which school we go to or where we live. Most of us have to accept things we wouldn’t choose ourselves—but most of us still have a lot to appreciate. Heard the prayer...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change...the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference? Well, it applies here perfectly. I’m not saying that sometimes others aren’t to blame. Like I said, sometimes they are. What I’m saying here is to accept your situation that has nothing to do with others. There is always a chance to change your life and be better. You can complain and cry about how things are unfair and how other people have it easier, or you can get to work! Remember that things could always be worse. Try and appreciate what you have, stop comparing yourself to others and keep moving forward!!!
~Paul Phillips
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